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Election Results

President: Kaleb Washington

Vice President: Chika Nkwocha

Recording Secretary: Didi Kanu

Treasurer: Nina Echelmeyer

Parliamentarian: Stephanie Arthur

Finance Chair: Emmanuel Key

Membership Chair: Isaac Wilson

Senators: Troy Paschal and Paris Thompson

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Executive Board! 


Get to know other students in your classes this semester!! Study tables are held bi-weekly on the weeks without a general body meeting.  Form study groups | Make connections | Meet other Engineers

Mentor/Mentee Program

Are you still interested in finding a mentor? You can still sign up for the mentor/mentee program for this year! 



Contact Jaiden Stratton at for questions or more information 

Professional Development

NSBE has a resume book that we send out to companies. Please send your most updated resume, so you can get your name out there. Email resumes to Kaleb Washington,, as soon as you can.


Want to interact with companies this year but unsure how to start? Take a look at a presentation we created to help you navigate recruiting season this year!




Contact Kaleb Washington,, for questions or more information.

Spring 2023 Graduating Senior Form

Please fill out this form if you are graduating in the Spring 2023 semester! We will be asking your general information.

DUE: April 10th, 2023



Contact Kaleb Washington at for questions or more information 

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